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Posted: September 7, 2010 in the three-ringed circus

So who are the Performers?

I’ve mentioned my long-suffering and previously hoodwinked husband. I can best describe him as a “Top-Man”, a Prince Among Men if you will (one who coincidentally brought me coffee this evening – pure coincidence, my impartiality cannot be bought by addictive warm beverages *wink*). Quite simply, he’s My Guy… probably the one person who knows my nitty gritties, my uglies, my foibles and surprisingly STILL thinks it’s pretty okay for this person to be the first thing he sees every morning and the last thing he sees at night. I think he lost a bet and is now just carrying out his sentence and patiently waiting parole, and if it isn’t granted then is counting on my lesser-than-his scrabble skills, ability to finish his crossword puzzles and nonchalance towards chocolate as reason enough to stick around till he’s 90-odd !

Strangely enough, the one I find most difficult to introduce you to would be my eldest son, Nate! Why? Because it is nigh impossible to adequately describe the unique spirit, the sharp wit, the gentle-soul he is. Nate sees the world in vivid colour, has such an innocently wise grasp of the human condition and was born to nurture and love. He has the insatiably curious mind of a 5 year old, refuses to think within ANY box, has the most beautiful azure eyes and button nose… oh, and the attention span of a goldfish (who I believe are rumored to have sensational concentration skills, but hide it well). I suspect that Nate might just have been a goldfish in a previous life because his ability to recall events you’d wish he’d forgotten is PHENOMENAL. He coined the term “Dogs-Wiper” – it’s on the list… I’ll get to that tale one day!

Then there is 2 year old Jamie McJamie – the blonde bombshell. I gave him that nick-name because I think he’s far handsomer than McDreamy or McSteamy and with better hair. At 2.5 years old I might be doing him an injustice by describing any character traits as they are very much still in the developmental phase of this project. He gives this Project Manager a run for her money. He is dedicated (aka stubborn), took Gold in Tantrumming at this year’s Toddler Olympics (he was awarded Silver also, and narrowly missed out on Bronze), incredibly affectionate and to say that his sun rises and sets with his mummy is no exaggeration (although – at the sake of full disclosure – this accolade pendulum swings between moi and dad’s cordless drill). Physically adept, he is a full head taller than most of his peers and has NO FEAR (well except being more than marginally concerned that the kitchen cupboard might run out of chocolate and lollipops).

I would be remiss by omitting my two fur-children… my “firstborn” Ollie, and the Blonde Bimbo Roxy*.

Poor Ollie – he has issues… he is neurotic, paranoid, and his default emotion is “feeling sorry for myself!” I lay the blame squarely in my own lap (which is all-too-often adorned by aforementioned 27kg staffie). Ollie-Bollie arrived at a time when I probably was ready for kidlets and consequently suffered the humiliation of doggie-clothes, pet-a-porter-sterling-silver-inlaid dog collars and being spoken to in an irritating “baby-talk” voice I sported when talking to him. Not his fault, I am happy to budget some of my monthly clothing allowance on a couple of thousand sessions with a Play Therapist.

Then there is Roxy! I often think she’s a figment of my imagination – until she appear like a mirage on the horizon when pellets hit her food bowl or sudden cold-snap hits. We have spent our pension trying to keep this escape artist dog within the confines of our happy home. Still spending… I call her the Blonde Bimbo because she is the only female who gets to look at my husband in such a flirtatious manner, he’s her man and he is putty to her feminine wiles and this has probably saved her from being sent to live on a farm many-a-time. Her job description can best be described as Earth Moving Equipment – she runs about 80km* a day and leaves furrows dongas in her wake – when Her Majesty is “in residence!”

So there you have it – My Men (Big and Small) and the Pups. Let us entertain you, or at the very least bring a smile to your face as you rejoice in the fact that you’re not… well… US!!!

*them two be the ones of “Puppy Dog Tales” fame. The list is shortening!
**figure to be verified shortly – I’m strapping my pedometer to her red-studded collar tomorrow morning (some habits are hard to break – my love of canine fashion accessories continues)…

  1. Jackie says:

    I’ve got a mental image of a toddler on a podium receving his winners medal… 😀

  2. elisabeth31 says:

    Looking forward to reading more Sandi!

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