who you’re dealing with…

Posted: September 7, 2010 in arb stuff about me, the three-ringed circus

This next sentence should give you pretty good insight into the kind of person you’re dealing with here. It’s good stuff – stuff I managed to successfully hide from my husband (then boyfriend) JUST long enough for him to still consider me viable marriage material. Poor sod! Talk about hoodwinked…

Already, I’m irritated and my leg is bouncing up and down, my blood pressure is elevated and I’m crabby!!!

Q : What could possibly be the cause of all this angst?

A : I want to change my poxy heading thingamajig to all small letters and the font and I am probably going to spend the best part of my “me-time” and perhaps spilling over into some of my “allocated sleep-time” trying to figure out how to change this. Until then my leg will continue bouncing, BP rising and my current hermit-crabbiness is going to escalate into cray-fish like proportions. Run for cover…

ME? I’m somewhat of a Perfectionist, an “ever-so-slightly” Control Freak, Detail-Obsessed, I am intent on leaving this world a better place than before I rocked up (my inflated sense of self tells me “Mission Accomplished!” bring me my Mojito and Kent Whites (shirrup – I’m guessing you’re neither my mother nor my doctor). I’m a Wife, Mum and Woman (the order changes by the minute). I organize… it’s what I do, but not who I am.  You’ve possibly also succinctly deduced that I’m a “WRITER’S A$$”. BUT … then so are many-a-blogger, apparently writing skills aren’t a pre-requisite. If you’re nodding your head in agreement (believe me arguing with me is an exercise in futility)… well then we might just be friends! So welcome to the three-ringed-circus I call “MY LIFE”!   Rather than “a life stranger than fiction”, my username should more accurately be “a life more ordinary”, but this is the interwebz – that would be boring and I’d have to hire striking government workers to up my hit-rate!

Oh and stick around, provided I can remember to scrawl it on a list somewhere, I’ll one day explain the blog’s name… but that’s the thing about lists – you don’t always get to ‘em!

  1. Sally-Jane says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging, I now have 3, not that I can keep up with them all but it is fun. It is your space, you don’t have to be a fantastic writer, it is just about being yourself and having a place for your thoughts.

  2. Nicci says:

    Hey welcome to blogworld! Will ad to my reader 🙂

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