we have a jamie funny…

Posted: October 13, 2010 in the three-ringed circus, Uncategorized

We do, we do… I’ve been feeling a little guilty because most of my “kiddie” posts have centred around Nate. But the silent one this evening delivered a Jamie’ism well worth waiting for…

My kids are fixated by Queen’s We Will Rock You! The trip to nursery school is adequately lengthy to deliver THREE repeats, and the return-trip of taking our housekeeper home in the evenings allows for a further SIX… crikey, I am sick of that song. The saving grace is that their in tune, albeit loud, shouting of the lyrics is hilarious – because they never quite get the rhythm perfectly – so they sound so dorky…

In the interests of furthering their musical education, I try to teach them who the artist or band is.

This evening I asked Jamie who sang the song… and he CONFIDENTLY annouced:


I’d love to know under what set of circumstances my 2 year old became familiar with the “Queen of Engerland”! Probably the same place he learnt that Another Brick In the Wall is sung by “Pink LLOYD!”

Yup, just take a look at her – I have no doub that She WILL rock you!!! 🙂

  1. Cecile says:

    Why don’t you multiply the confusion exponentially by telling him about Queen (Brian May really, but that is just a technicality) singing God Save The Queen on the roof of Buckingham Palace? 😉

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