riddle me this…

Posted: October 15, 2010 in the three-ringed circus, Uncategorized

How is it possible for my genius offspring to manage to remember to conceal Bakugans in their underwear in order to sneak the contraband toys into school…

… but somehow they cannot remember to take their school-bags from next to the front door, walk 4 steps and put them into my car’s open boot?  The look of enlightenment mixed with horror was priceless as they stood mouths agape staring into the empty boot!  It was then that they decided it would be safer to high-tail it through the school’s front door than remain in the parking area and face my wrath.  It was also then that the Bakugan-cache decided to fall out of their undies and roll down the school’s garden path.  I’m convinced I heard my two year old mutter “Oh Sh*t!”* 🙂

So, I gave up – rather good naturedly it needs to be said.  I make the 15 minute round-trip to collect their bags and YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE what greeting awaited me before I’d even walked across the threshhold of the school’s front door:

NATE : Hey Mum!  What took you so long?

followed by…

JAMIE : Yeah Mum!  What took you so long?

Ever seen a roomfull of nursery schoolers, parents and teachers go silent?  A hush fell over the room!  I will for many years be proud of my response… I smiled that gritted teeth smile, handed them their bags, kissed them both on the forehead and wished them a Good Day!  Amazing how one can reach DEEP DOWN and find “Restraint” when you really need it!

But this story is far from over… come Monday morning a new Sherrif is in town.  I’ll be lining them up and running their metal water bottles across their general groin area.  Any Bakugans ensconced within the safety of their Ben10 boxers will snap open and I’ll have my revenge!**

*PARENTAL TIP TO NEW MUM’S TO BOYS : There is good reason why your boys should wear Boxers instead of Banana Hammocks.  Generally they make poor hiding places. 

**OK OK, before you called Child Welfare – I won’t REALLY do this!  I’d actually like grandchildren someday.

  1. michelle says:

    ha ha, good one. Kyle hasn’t done the underware thing yet. He puts it in his pocket and when i fetch him after school he tells me very proudly “look who popped into my pocket – very naughty hey mommy”. It’s priceless and i can only laugh.

  2. Jenty says:

    LOL that’s too funny 🙂 quite clever though

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