it’s been a while…

Posted: February 22, 2011 in the three-ringed circus, Uncategorized

I’ve been busy, and yet I haven’t.  A couple of days turned into a week, weeks magically morphed into a month which suddenly became four months.

I’ve The Boys have both started new schools and have settled in nicely.  My “File 13” (my quiet time fears and worries) has largely been filled with quiet concern as to how Nate would adapt to going from a class of 6 close-knit familiar friends to a class of 24 in a school of 1000. Some background… when Nate started creche at 18 months they jocularly called him “Happy Feet”, by age 3 teachers were telling me at every opportunity how “busy” he was, at 4 they outright told me that “focus and concentration was difficult and frustrating work for him!”   Our paed has maintained that he felt Nate wasn’t sufficiently challenged and to wait until he was in a structured classroom environment to re-assess.  Although they are still very much in a “learn-through-play” environment and the kids do have a measure of personal freedom in deciding what activities they wish to partake in, he seems to be doing okay… not to say we won’t need to revisit this again at a later stage!  To hear my 5-year old each morning announce “Mum, thank-you so much for choosing such a lovely school for me!” certainly warms the heart. 

The Jamie McJamie has just blossomed… In December we escaped the confines of the city and went pseudo-camping with some friends and their chillun’s (the most of which are Nate’s age).  The very first night Jamie decided he wanted to “run with the wolves” and that those things that bore the mantle of “baby” needed to be banished from his life – he wanted to be one of the gang of big boys.  Then and there he abandoned the night nappy, and for the most part he has been very successful, but  I have certainly discovered the value of micro-fibre duvet inners and a top-loader.  That duvet has been washed more than our dogs have this summer!  He is also enjoying his new school immensely and his dad and I are enjoying what I call Jamie’s Lola’sims: Every sentence ending with “Did you know?”, “Actually”, “Occasionally” and my very favourite “Occasionally, Did You Know, I Actually”… cracks me up! He is a real little clown and the source of many of my heart-smiles.

I suppose I really need to fess-up… what really kept me from putting down my thoughts on “virtual paper”… PLANTS vs ZOMBIES. For those that know it, you’re nodding your head in sympathetic agreement, for those that don’t… I’m not telling you about it! Believe me – it’s better that way, you’ll thank me in the long run!

Peace! xx

  1. Mwahahahaa… Plants vs Zombies kept me awake many nights! And I’m glad you’re back. Now just dont download Words with Friends or we’re truly f*cked.

    • Sandi says:

      Oh now you’ve done it…
      I’m currently busy with PI stuffs – finding furry feather’s / screws and pens and other hidden objects in an assortment of places!
      Words with Friends NEXT! 🙂

  2. Fiona says:

    I hope this is the first of many more posts this year Sandi 🙂

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