clowning about…

Posted: March 9, 2011 in the three-ringed circus, Uncategorized

Much excitement in our home this morning!  I haven’t seen breakfast gobbled at lightening speed, teeth-brushed without so much as a request from mum… we didn’t even have to play “Guess-if-I’m-Commando-or-Packing-Undies!” today!  Why?  Because today Nate was in a supersonic rush to get to school…

If you know Nate, you know he LOVES dressing up!  I use the word LOVES for lack of a better description…  Always has… it’s just a thing with him!  We go to a birthday party, and before he’s hit the treats and sweets table like normal sugar-loving 5 year olds, our Nate has scouted out the host’s bedroom and ransacked the room for some sort of disguise or dress-up paraphernalia, anything he can lay his hands on!*  

So today was ‘Clown Day’ at school and here is my little-jester in what is arguably his ‘most natural state’.  He was so chuffed with himself, and once again did his usual declaration of this being “The Best Day Ever”!  In our home, I’ve dubbed these LONG SPOON MOMENTS – those times when they are so flippen cute that you could “eat them up with a long spoon”.  Today I would have needed a serving spoon, I could have swallowed whole chunks of him at a time! 

* Note to Self : Explore the Psyche implications of this (or should that be Psycho). Is life so bad that this is his escape mechanism? 🙂

  1. Fiona says:

    He looks like the best little boy clown I’ve seen in ages!!!

  2. Cute!!! I love the “best day ever!” comment. These kids are so wonderfully easy to please sometimes, hey?

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