a sleeping tablet… really? really!

Posted: March 17, 2011 in the three-ringed circus
Bliksem!  Die donnerse Vitamiene kap my vir 'n Ses!

Bliksem! Die donnerse Vitamiene kap my vir 'n Ses!

So … Morné van Wyk reckons he mistook a barbituate for a vit-a-min.  My initial reaction – “Yeah right Buddy!  Spin (sic) us another one Ben Johnson”.

But then I remembered, I recently (also accidently) drugged my Mummy into oblivion !  Granny Ireland* was spending a week with us recouperating from painful knee-replacement surgery.  The day I brought her home from the hospital,**  I decided that my Mum was perhaps getting a  little over-zippy with her pain killers (because you know mos I’ve had half a dozen knee-replacements and didn’t need more than half a panado for pain  :roll: ).  Being the organisational control freak  concerned daughter that I am, I confiscate gather all her meds under the guise of making her life easer by separating them into those little pill organisers, ready and waiting for her to take when needed.

I carefully separated her daily tabs into Morning, After Lunch and After Dinner… Hang-on-a-mo – Why isn’t there a little compartment for Before Bed?  Oh well, no harm done – I’ll just pop her (innocuous-looking-teensy-super-strong-can take down an ox) sleeping tablet in with her After Dinner meds.  Note to self :  Remember to mention this to Mum!

Granny Ireland decided to forego the bed we’d prepared for her and preferred to camp out on our lounge couch instead.  She enjoyed an early dinner-en-couch with her beloved grandsons and dutifully took the After Dinner meds.  FFWD an hour – the Top-Man and I sit down to dinner on the unoccupied couch.

Yikes, what was going on here?  Chatting to her was really rather strange, she was slurring like a drunken sailor in a foreign port on pay-day … something was amiss.  Decided to call her Doctor fearing a possible post-op stroke when it suddenly dawned on me.   :idea: Oh, SEVEN KINDS OF CRAP!  There was “something” I’d forgotten to mention to her – she’d taken her sleeping tablet … at 18h00 with her After Dinner meds!  My poor Mum crashed barely 10 minutes later (I hope she doesn’t read this entry because I have to tell you it was HILARIOUS watching her fight that tab!)

The point of my story – Don’t you worry Morné – I BELIEVE you Buddy!  I got your back on this one, and along with your-Momma that makes 2 of us!***

*  Granny Heidi went for an extended trip to Ireland when Nate was about 2.  He nick-named her Granny Ireland and it’s stuck!

**  Oh, the irony of how our roles have reversed!

*** I will maintain my innocence till the day I die (although I seem to be only person on God’s Green Earth that believes it was in error).

  1. Amanda says:

    oh my gosh I still laugh when i remember this story! DH’s mom had cancer and couldn’t sleep so the doc prescribed some sleeping tabs for her. we’d give them to her and we knew we only had 10min to get her to the loo, changed and in bed before she passed out cold. oh and we had to sneak them in with her other meds because for some reason she didn’t want to take them. After she died i went through an insomina patch, so my darling DH suggested i take one. i thought why the hell not…OMG i was out cold for 12 hours straight and it took me TWO DAYS to come right again….after doing some googling i discovered they were one step away from general anaesthetic strength and in some situations are given to people INSTEAD of general anaesthetic!!! o_0 this of course would explain why i slept so well…LOL!

  2. Linda Welsh says:

    Yip this same thing happened to Alastair. We were up at my sister house about 2 years ago and Alastair had really bad Hay Fever (all chemists were closed) so my sister said not to worry I have some for you, within an hour Alastair was saying things like – “the fence has eyes & they are staring at me”, “who poured water on me”, “the meat is burning” *we had already eaten* (we thought he was taking the mikey – as Alastair does… so just ignored him) until my sister went into her draw to discover that she had actually given him one of her really really strong sleeping tablets…. Needless to say it sorted out his Hay Fever but he was a total loon for the rest of the night….

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