apparently, I am in need of a bucket list…

Posted: March 18, 2011 in my obscure view of stuffs, Uncategorized

I prefer to grab opportunities when they come-a-knockin’.  For a “routine-queen” this is unusual, I think!  I’m not particularly big on “orchestrated life-changing experiences”.  To me spontenaity is essential in an experience which might change me fundamentally and-all!

But apparently (as I’ve been informed), I need one and it’s quite a dire predicament that I don’t have one!  So OK, earlier this week I had a sort of micro-epiphany… which surprisingly gave me 2 things to put on SANDI’S BUCKET LIST!

I would very much like to Experience a Highveld Electrical Storm.  I think it must be quite something to behold.  I love storms!  During a Cape Winter Storm I so love to run into my garden, barefoot, lightly clad and just stand…to just let the turbulent rain, cold and wind pound on me!  Don’t think this would be a super-smart thing to do in the middle of a Highveld Storm.

The second item on my list is relatively simple , but probably only possible within the realm of fantasy.  Just ONCE in my lifetime I’d like to see the Stormers win the Super-15.  Just ONCE… I’m not greedy!   I know, I know – bucket list items have to be attainable, so I’ll revise it to seeing them score a try!

  1. Linda Welsh says:

    mmm think that my be extra 🙂

  2. As spectactular as our storms are I could do without them *blush* – I am TERRIFIED of storms and we have proper winners here!

  3. Ooh, nothing better than a Highveld thunderstorm. I miss them so much!!

    As for the second, waiting for that will at least ensure you a long life 😉

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