here we are now… entertain us!

Posted: April 11, 2011 in my obscure view of stuffs, Uncategorized

Back in 1991, there was a choice to be made.  There was no sitting on the fence with this one.  It was one or the other, black or white – no grey.  I chose wisely… no doubt!

The choice had to be made, it was either Pearl Jam or Nirvana and I chose Eddie Vedder.  It’s been a near life-long romance and my Bucket List lengthens.  There is very little I would not do to see him (sorry them) live!  But I digress…

Consequently, I spent my late teens largely ignoring what I considered to be the rather embaressing mainstream commercial hoo-haa that surrounded Nirvana.  To me it was a classic case of  “the spirit of anarchy selling out to The Man”… Ironic innit that this might very well be why Kurt Cobain decided to take his life!

So tonight I find myself watching TOP 10 ALBUMS on VH1 and the video for Smells Like Teen Spirit fills the screen. I’m rivetted. How prolific, visionary and clairvoyent just this single excerpt of the lyrics are “HERE WE ARE NOW ENTERTAIN US!”

I often struggle to aptly describe the 00’s generation. But this here phrase does it very well! This generation was born into it, automatic heirs, with their parents striving to fulfill the prophecy! And it’s cyclical, a continuum, perpetuated by myself and other parents of our generation. We are the “here they are now, entertain them” generation of parents, raising “here we are now, entertain us” kids… what will they be like as adults? Surely it follows that what was once entertaining will soon become passe, the norm and boring…

This cannot be a good thing!


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