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or at least, that’s what it feels like.  So it’s 00h37 and I’m about to start a questionnaire (I can’t be arsed to check that spelling right now  – for those with SSD aka Sensitive Spelling Dispositions, my undertaking to “correct it in my retirement!” will just have to do, along with the assurance that it’s 2nd only to watching a Highveld Electrical Storm on my Bucket List!  No BS!)

So yup, I’d “link Tanya” if I knew which poxy icon to use on this dashboard-thingy (I think that’s the blogger terminology for inserting somebody into your blogpost or it might as well be “track-back or ping-back”… none of which I know the meaning of incidentally).  So I’ll just do it the old-fashioned way and say you can find Tanya at  I’d also link my previous post on my Bucket List*.  But yar, it seems aforementioned Bucket List is growing rapidly, compliments of today’s post and I haven’t really even started it properly… Sh*t, perhaps it would be prudent to just end this post right here before I fill up my Golden Years of 60 thru 65 with correcting spelling and learning “linkage” on WordPress.  But I digress…