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Posted: July 17, 2012 in "parenting" or something resembling it, arb stuff about me

I happened upon this lovely new blog which immediately spoke to me : It’s all about some chick – a mother of 2, my age-ish, wife, human being, shoulder length hair in her photo – see the parallels?  Well she embarked on a quest for self-reliance, physical and emotional strength!  I felt an immediate affinity towards this idea, so I’ve not only subscribed but I reckon I’ll start at the beginning and when something she or somebody else has to say strikes a chord with me, I’ll try to incorporate that into my life.

Slow and steady wins the race!  (I’m good at that – starting slowly… sloth-like, if you will … sometimes so slowly it’s immensely difficult to recognise I’ve even started at all)!  This week’s goal:


At the office : I’m going to take the stairs instead of using the elevator!  Nuff said!


At home : I’m going to talk less!  I think my kids will respond better to a mother who is clear and concise as opposed to a long-winded nag-bag who is prone to long soliloquiy’s.  Nobody really listens when all you always do is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!  I’m going to try and use single words to get my kids to do what I’d like them to do!  I’ll let you know how that works for me – apparently it’s a recognised parenting technique – let’s hope my kids recognise it! 🙂

  1. awesome Sandi!! i like the be quite one. i blogged about that myself the other day. it’s awesome to see the shift in energy at home xx

    • Sandi says:

      It’s really going to take some time for me to get this one right! I talk too much in general… I struggle to follow myself sometimes! 🙂

  2. JaneF says:

    Well we are on the 3rd floor at work and I make a point of taking the stairs only, every day. The small things like this do add up and make a difference. The less talking thing I REALLY need to do. I talk far too much in general and when I am reprimanding the kids there is just no shutting me up. I’ll even say ‘Ok I am going to stop now’ and then I just CARRY ON! WTF!!??

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