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I happened upon this lovely new blog which immediately spoke to me : It’s all about some chick – a mother of 2, my age-ish, wife, human being, shoulder length hair in her photo – see the parallels?  Well she embarked on a quest for self-reliance, physical and emotional strength!  I felt an immediate affinity towards this idea, so I’ve not only subscribed but I reckon I’ll start at the beginning and when something she or somebody else has to say strikes a chord with me, I’ll try to incorporate that into my life.

Slow and steady wins the race!  (I’m good at that – starting slowly… sloth-like, if you will … sometimes so slowly it’s immensely difficult to recognise I’ve even started at all)!  This week’s goal:


At the office : I’m going to take the stairs instead of using the elevator!  Nuff said!


At home : I’m going to talk less!  I think my kids will respond better to a mother who is clear and concise as opposed to a long-winded nag-bag who is prone to long soliloquiy’s.  Nobody really listens when all you always do is talk, talk, talk, talk, talk!  I’m going to try and use single words to get my kids to do what I’d like them to do!  I’ll let you know how that works for me – apparently it’s a recognised parenting technique – let’s hope my kids recognise it! 🙂


I’ve just recently joined a Book Club.  This is (of course) vastly differentiated from my other extra-curricular actibity – The Mum’s Night Out Club (although strangely enough the membership list seems alarmingly similar)! 🙂   Last Thursday night was our inaugural gathering of the wines minds.  To even loosely describe it as a “Literary Think Tank” would be somewhat deceitful… but BOOKS there were, and in fairness we did spend a smidgeon of the evening talking about books (mostly when our host’s husband was in earshot)…

Looking back on our evening, I would say it was a resounding success.  We got to the nitty-gritty of what a book club is all about – and EVERYBODY knows that it’s not about books – we laughed, we smiled, we commiserated, we shared and we got to know eachother.  I very much look forward to next month’s meeting!

Downside – The little person knocking at the inside of my skull with a pick-axe didn’t refrain from doing so till sometime on Friday night!  URGH!

I KNOW I’m going to regret this!  My heart is racing, my palms are clammy – hell knows why even feel compelled to share this with random peeps on the interwebz, but I do!  This is something that VERY few people know about me.  I can count on one hand the number of people who know this – and the only reason they know is because I’ve got bigger, stinkier and cruddier crap on them…


quote of the day…

Posted: September 29, 2010 in arb stuff about me

Karen from Will and Grace:

“I’m feeling a little tired and run-down!  I think I’m going to have a transfusion and change my Blood to Bloody Mary!”


You and me both sister…. I am finished, kaput, game-overs tired…my brain is addled!  It’s mushed up, spat out and re-chewed jelly (with custard – always with custard, DO NOT forget the custard). 


Over the last couple of days, a couple of different conversations got me thinking…   What is THE single purchase that would signal to you that you’re all “growed” up, or the one thing you’ve always wanted to purchase but for some or other reason just as you’re about to the funds need to be erm… re-directed to other more pertinant uses?

Don’t get me wrong… I have some nice things – some really VERY nice things… perhaps even the item you’re thinking of!  But golly-gosh-a-molly one purchase eludes me time and time again.  We’ve been in our home for around 8 years or so and just as I’m getting ready to begin the on-line-shopping-voyage-of-discovery that purchase needs to be put on hold.  Strange, hey?


About 2 weeks back, my BFF and I unleashed our 4 kids on the Top Man and went out for a girlie-night of music and gambling (probably my two greatest vices).  I’ve never owned a Michael Jackson CD, didn’t bother catching the History tour when it came to town and aside from being able to Moonwalk as a kid,  following “the” trial and the press-frenzy following his death – I wouldn’t say that he featured large in my life. (more…)

verkakte pedometre

Posted: September 14, 2010 in arb stuff about me

The bain of my life… The aim is to walk 10 000 steps a day! Like all things, I started out SO well… That nght I even went walking around the neighbourhood in the pitch-dark with a bliksem heavy Maglite, my iPod AND (I know you’re not going to believe me … but it’s true) – I EVEN LEFT MY CIGARETTES AT HOME! When it got to the end of the evening and it was time to remove the shiny, pretty pedometre from my belt – I found I’d racked up an impressive total of 9187 steps! Even I couldn’t believe it!

How do I say this without the use of expletives (more…)

when you turn your iPod on and the song it shuffles to is JAMES’ “Laid” and you bop and shout “craaaaaaaahaaaayzeeeee” at the top of your voice all through sloth-like suburban traffic.

You might have to rethink your previous estimation when (more…)

This next sentence should give you pretty good insight into the kind of person you’re dealing with here. It’s good stuff – stuff I managed to successfully hide from my husband (then boyfriend) JUST long enough for him to still consider me viable marriage material. Poor sod! Talk about hoodwinked…

Already, I’m irritated and my leg is bouncing up and down, my blood pressure is elevated and I’m crabby!!!

Q : What could possibly be the cause of all this angst? (more…)