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Back in 1991, there was a choice to be made.  There was no sitting on the fence with this one.  It was one or the other, black or white – no grey.  I chose wisely… no doubt!



I prefer to grab opportunities when they come-a-knockin’.  For a “routine-queen” this is unusual, I think!  I’m not particularly big on “orchestrated life-changing experiences”.  To me spontenaity is essential in an experience which might change me fundamentally and-all!

But apparently (as I’ve been informed), I need one and it’s quite a dire predicament that I don’t have one!  So OK, earlier this week I had a sort of micro-epiphany… which surprisingly gave me 2 things to put on SANDI’S BUCKET LIST!


I’ve long held the belief that if you travel to a foreign country you can learn more about it’s people by finding a park bench, or taking a train and observing ordinary folk going about their daily life.  On my very first trip to the wonderful city of Hong Kong, I had opportunity to do both.

What struck me was the ingrained and genuine  reverence the people hold for their Old and their Young.  Both are regarded as priceless treasures to be cared for, nurtured and treated with both dignity and respect.  Youths offered their seat to the elderly, tiny children in the teensiest school uniforms safely took early morning trains sometimes even unaccompanied by caretaker adults and I particularly noted how parents spoke to their children.  It remember it being so tangible, and left a lasting impression on me. (more…)

Over the last couple of days, a couple of different conversations got me thinking…   What is THE single purchase that would signal to you that you’re all “growed” up, or the one thing you’ve always wanted to purchase but for some or other reason just as you’re about to the funds need to be erm… re-directed to other more pertinant uses?

Don’t get me wrong… I have some nice things – some really VERY nice things… perhaps even the item you’re thinking of!  But golly-gosh-a-molly one purchase eludes me time and time again.  We’ve been in our home for around 8 years or so and just as I’m getting ready to begin the on-line-shopping-voyage-of-discovery that purchase needs to be put on hold.  Strange, hey?


About 2 weeks back, my BFF and I unleashed our 4 kids on the Top Man and went out for a girlie-night of music and gambling (probably my two greatest vices).  I’ve never owned a Michael Jackson CD, didn’t bother catching the History tour when it came to town and aside from being able to Moonwalk as a kid,  following “the” trial and the press-frenzy following his death – I wouldn’t say that he featured large in my life. (more…)

This arrived in my in box last week, and I filed it with the ever-growing-taking-on-a-life-of-it’s-own folder of READ SOMEDAY emails… For most of these emails, “someday” will come when I’m close to retirement age but for some reason the heading of “a must read … particularly for mum’s of boys!” caught my eye and I opened it! I’m a sucker for that kind of schmaltzy sh*t…

I’ve read some of Johnathan Jansen’s writing and columns before – he is, in my estimation, a great South African. He is all about “bridging the gap, shortenining the divide and bringing together”. He’s the kind of South African we could certainly do with more of!

I’d like to add my own FOURTH LESSON, (more…)

I am often accused of being somewhat naïve. I think it’s wholly plausible to come to that conclusion if you base this assertion purely on a fleeting and cursory surface investigation. I like to think of myself as lacking in cynicism, believing in the innate altruism of humankind, and not burdened by a feeling that the road I travel is constantly at a steep gradient. But most of all… willing to fight!

I’m not a “every cloud has a silver lining”, “everything happens for a reason” , “look on the bright-side” type of person (heave). I know sh*t happens, some very big sh*t happens and sadly to some of the very best people, but I find dissecting the randomness and reason of said sh*t a waste of otherwise good coffee, wine and company. (more…)