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Bliksem!  Die donnerse Vitamiene kap my vir 'n Ses!

Bliksem! Die donnerse Vitamiene kap my vir 'n Ses!

So … Morné van Wyk reckons he mistook a barbituate for a vit-a-min.  My initial reaction – “Yeah right Buddy!  Spin (sic) us another one Ben Johnson”.

But then I remembered, I recently (also accidently) drugged my Mummy into oblivion !  Granny Ireland* was spending a week with us recouperating from painful knee-replacement surgery.  The day I brought her home from the hospital,**  I decided that my Mum was perhaps getting a  little over-zippy with her pain killers (because you know mos I’ve had half a dozen knee-replacements and didn’t need more than half a panado for pain  :roll: ).  Being the organisational control freak  concerned daughter that I am, I confiscate gather all her meds under the guise of making her life easer by separating them into those little pill organisers, ready and waiting for her to take when needed.



Much excitement in our home this morning!  I haven’t seen breakfast gobbled at lightening speed, teeth-brushed without so much as a request from mum… we didn’t even have to play “Guess-if-I’m-Commando-or-Packing-Undies!” today!  Why?  Because today Nate was in a supersonic rush to get to school…

If you know Nate, you know he LOVES dressing up!  I use the word LOVES for lack of a better description…  Always has… it’s just a thing with him!  We go to a birthday party, and before he’s hit the treats and sweets table like normal sugar-loving 5 year olds, our Nate has scouted out the host’s bedroom and ransacked the room for some sort of disguise or dress-up paraphernalia, anything he can lay his hands on!*  


I’ve been busy, and yet I haven’t.  A couple of days turned into a week, weeks magically morphed into a month which suddenly became four months.

I’ve The Boys have both started new schools and have settled in nicely.  My “File 13” (my quiet time fears and worries) has largely been filled with quiet concern as to how Nate would adapt to going from a class of 6 close-knit familiar friends to a class of 24 in a school of 1000. Some background… when Nate started creche at 18 months they jocularly called him “Happy Feet”, by age 3 teachers were telling me at every opportunity how “busy” he was, at 4 they outright told me that “focus and concentration was difficult and frustrating work for him!”   (more…)

How is it possible for my genius offspring to manage to remember to conceal Bakugans in their underwear in order to sneak the contraband toys into school…


We do, we do… I’ve been feeling a little guilty because most of my “kiddie” posts have centred around Nate. But the silent one this evening delivered a Jamie’ism well worth waiting for…

My kids are fixated by Queen’s We Will Rock You! The trip to nursery school is adequately lengthy to deliver THREE repeats, and the return-trip of taking our housekeeper home in the evenings allows for a further SIX… crikey, I am sick of that song. The saving grace is that their in tune, albeit loud, shouting of the lyrics is hilarious – because they never quite get the rhythm perfectly – so they sound so dorky…

In the interests of furthering their musical education, I try to teach them who the artist or band is.

This evening I asked Jamie who sang the song… and he CONFIDENTLY annouced:


the lead actors…

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So who are the Performers?

I’ve mentioned my long-suffering and previously hoodwinked husband. I can best describe him as a “Top-Man”, a Prince Among Men if you will (one who coincidentally brought me coffee this evening – pure coincidence, my impartiality cannot be bought by addictive warm beverages *wink*). Quite simply, he’s My Guy… probably the one person who knows my nitty gritties, my uglies, my foibles and surprisingly STILL thinks it’s pretty okay for this person to be the first thing he sees every morning and the last thing he sees at night. I think he lost a bet and is now just carrying out his sentence and patiently waiting parole, and if it isn’t granted then is counting on my lesser-than-his scrabble skills, ability to finish his crossword puzzles and nonchalance towards chocolate as reason enough to stick around till he’s 90-odd ! (more…)

This next sentence should give you pretty good insight into the kind of person you’re dealing with here. It’s good stuff – stuff I managed to successfully hide from my husband (then boyfriend) JUST long enough for him to still consider me viable marriage material. Poor sod! Talk about hoodwinked…

Already, I’m irritated and my leg is bouncing up and down, my blood pressure is elevated and I’m crabby!!!

Q : What could possibly be the cause of all this angst? (more…)